Web mortem

"Between real and virtual, Web mortem is a successful and original thriller. It leads the reader through a scary story in which the game master mingles strange crime scenes to forgotten languages and forgotten stories. You will see the Web differently... "

Paris-Match (selection for the summer)

"Web mortem is a five star thriller. Once you have opened the book, you won’t let it go. (...) As the title indicates, this story also runs in a virtual dimension, in a terrifying online game. Amazing. "



"Christine Adamo confronts here a recent kind of story, where success is rare: the cyber-thriller, where virtual reality affects the real world. She (…) is doing significantly better than those that prevailed in the meantime. A good read and a good escape, with the sound of a pleasantly familiar writing. "

Le Figaro Magazine ( "The eight major investigations of this summer)

"The author of this entertaining novel could not be more serious: Christine Adamo, a researcher specialized in information science, has indeed participated to the creation of a conservation park for the Coelacanth, this mysterious prehistoric fish that some scientists saw as the famous "missing link" of evolution.

She transformed this fish into the hero of her first novel Requiem for a fish (L. Levi publishing). This success, intriguing and scholarly, was acclaimed by all. Then came a second book, more classic, Southern Black, based on the mystery of our origins and on the forced assimilation of Australian Aborigines. For her third novel, she made the big jump and this time becomes the asset of Albin Michel for the summer. (…)

Adamo has kept her uniqueness in this ping-pong game between scientific puzzles and police investigation, a uniqueness that was priceless in her first two novels. Thus we are now at the Scottish University of St Andrew, and we follow a distinguished professor accused of the murder of his mistress, third in a series of virtual murders perpetuated on the campus. But a mysterious video game related to Babylonian languages seems to run the show...

It is a new red wedding between science and crime-novel. "

Le magazine littéraire hors-série

"In a story carved like our most frightening American series, Christine Adamo brings her menu of crimes, sex and rock and roll! But what is Web mortem? A video game which went wrong, a love story which slipped, ambitions which imploded? None of that? To find out, dive into this bloody thriller. You will refuse to turn on your computer afterwards."

Ouest France

"The School of Science and of Technology of St Andrew is the scene of several ritual murders. A Yemeni gardener, an Ukrainian student and the mistress of Hammond MacLeod - brilliant dean of the school- were killed. Helped by a journalist, MacLeod manages to escape a police officer who believes he is guilty. He is arriving in New York, where other similar murders occur. The mind behind these murders continues to lure his victims through a video game.

The author is a French scientist who was discovered in 2005 with the excellent Requiem for a fish. She takes us on a thrilling quest. "

Carrefour savoirs

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Le jour où je serai orphelin (Librinova), Les usurpatrices (Librinova), L'équation du chat (Ed. Liana Levi, Le Cercle Points), Web mortem (Ed. Albin Michel), Noir Austral (Ed. Liana Levi, Folio policier, De Geus (NL), Touring club (It)), Requiem pour un poisson (Ed. Liana Levi, Folio policier, De Geus (NL), Effemme (It), Alpha books (China))