11 September 2001. World Trade Centre. 8:29 am, North Tower: Tom, who has become a trader to fulfill his obligations as a father-to-be, learns that the child to come is not his. 8:46 am, South Tower: a Boeing crashes under the floor where Alcina, Tom’s wife, is having breakfast.

A banal meeting of small and big history? Or an overlooked episode of an ancestral vendetta?

From the crisis-ridden United States to the Australia of surfers, from the Tuscany of the Medici to the Yugoslavia of Tito, a name comes back: Francesca Caccini, musician adored in her time but then forgotten. Except by the one who became obsessed with her… to the point of murderous madness.


2015... The Cat's Equation

The first of January. Cambridge awakes to scenes of snow and fog. All seems remarkably quite. However, in the river, a corpse is sinking straight to the bottom and, on the bank, the librarian's cats disapear. However, in the Colleges, scientists are fighting around the signature of an important research partnership. And while family secrets comes to light, Martha (the very smart assistant of Professor McLeod) is trying to understand what is going on by exploring the history of quantum physics. But today like yesterday, in life and beyond death, the cat's equation is resisting...

“This detective novel is investigating the matter through the fascinating properties of the infinitely small. With simple metaphors, Christine Adamo explains the history of quantum physics (…), its paradoxes and its mysteries. And her explanations are so clear that I had the feeling to master a subject that is almost completely foreign to me. Energy exchanges, constructive or destructive interferences, the peculiarities of light... Everything is discussed and involved in the plot of the novel. (…) Because there is a plot. Don’t forget that we are in a detective novel. And this novel is also investigating men and woman… who move like particles, sometimes without meaning and understanding what they are doing (…). But at the end, the laws of quantum physics apply as well to all these people: collisions are linked and the results are often strange (…) mixed with poetry and music, building bridges between unthinkable places and ideas. (...) Christine Adamo makes us reach a cryptic universe through a permanent suspense… and through sound and images of characters who, although far from our daily life, look strangely like us. The writing is elaborate but simple, sometimes poetic but full of humor well. The “Cat’s equation” is the UFO of this autumn. An uplifting and exciting detective novel.”


2009... Web mortem

"Betweeen real and virtual, Web mortem is a successful and original thriller. It leads the reader through a scary story in which the game master mingles strange crime scenes to forgotten languages and forgotten stories. You will see the Web differently... "

Paris Match

2006... Southern dark

"An intriguing plot that explores with passion and intelligence the evolution of our species ... a new marriage between pure entertainment and fundamental scientific questions. Another Darwin's dream."


2005... Requiem for a fish

"An adventure “in the manner of Jules Verne”, full of darkness, murder and mystery ... suspense, surprises, unexpected terrors ..."

Le Canard enchaîné

Fallait pas m'embêter (suite de) Le jour où je serai orphelin (Librinova), Les usurpatrices(arrêt de publication), L'équation du chat (Ed. Liana Levi, Le Cercle Points), Web mortem (Ed. Albin Michel), Noir Austral (Ed. Liana Levi, Folio policier, De Geus (NL), Touring club (It)), Requiem pour un poisson (Ed. Liana Levi, Folio policier, De Geus (NL), Effemme (It), Alpha books (China))