11 September 2001. World Trade Centre. 8:29 am, North Tower: Tom, who has become a trader to fulfill his obligations as a father-to-be, learns that the child to come is not his. 8:46 am, South Tower: a Boeing crashes under the floor where Alcina, Tom’s wife, is having breakfast. A banal meeting of...

The cat's equation, Published 2015

The first of January. Cambridge awakes to scenes of snow and fog. All seems remarkably quite. However, in the river, a corpse is sinking straight to the bottom and, on the bank, the librarian's cats disapear. However, in the Colleges, scientists are...

Requiem for a fish, Published 2005 - 2006

1938, along the coasts of South Africa. What seems to be a big shark is struggling with fury in the nets of a trawler. The crew is terrorized. These prehistoric shells, this huge jaw, these fins like legs… it is a coelacanth, the supposed missing link between land and sea, disappeared long before...

Southern dark, Published 2006 - 2008

Liz is working for the Refugees Tribunal of Sydney, in Australia. She has to issue –or not- political refugee status to immigrants in difficulty. She cannot stand her job anymore. The horrific stories she hears all day long have destroyed all her illusions. Moreover she is herself half French, born...

Web mortem, Published 2009

St Andrew in Scotland is the scene of several horrible murders. All the victims are people from the Middle East and without any legal paper. The local police officer would not really care if a third body was not discovered. The body of the current mistress of a young and brilliant University dean,...

In pocket books with Folio policier (Gallimard), In Dutch with De Geus, In Italian in Italian with Effemme edizioni and with Touring club editor, in Chinese with Alpha books.

Le jour où je serai orphelin (Librinova), Les usurpatrices (Librinova), L'équation du chat (Ed. Liana Levi, Le Cercle Points), Web mortem (Ed. Albin Michel), Noir Austral (Ed. Liana Levi, Folio policier, De Geus (NL), Touring club (It)), Requiem pour un poisson (Ed. Liana Levi, Folio policier, De Geus (NL), Effemme (It), Alpha books (China))