Requiem for a fish

"An adventure “in the manner of Jules Verne”, full of darkness, murder and mystery ... suspense, surprises, unexpected terrors ..."

 Le Canard enchaîné


"A vigorous and exciting thriller ...The ichthyology rather than the Da Vinci Code. Who says better? "


"Writing a breathless thriller about a 300 millions’ years old fish is prodigious. A story of love and hatred, passion and jealousy about the coelacanth, a sort of missing link between water and earth..."



"A remarkably constructed crime-novel... After Fred Vargas, here's a new writer recruited within the world of science. "


"Our favorite book of the month... (which) keeps the suspense throughout this exciting quest."


"A master thriller. Book a sleepless night to taste this fish. Exciting scientific adventures. "

Rolling Stones

"At once fascinating and clever. "


"A scientific Da Vinci Code ..."

Livre Hebdo

"An unusual book, which plunges into murky waters, for our delight. "

Le Figaro litteraire

"An atypical crime-novel you will read in one go. A brilliant demonstration that this kind of prehistoric book is not just for ugly dinosaurs looking for Hollywood.”

Noir comme polar

And Marie-Claire, Biba, DS, Maxi, La recherche, Pour la science, Sciences et Avenir, L'Intelligent, Voila, Tele Z, Pleine Vie, Playboy, RTL, City Radio Paris,, etc.



Le jour où je serai orphelin (Librinova), Les usurpatrices (Librinova), L'équation du chat (Ed. Liana Levi, Le Cercle Points), Web mortem (Ed. Albin Michel), Noir Austral (Ed. Liana Levi, Folio policier, De Geus (NL), Touring club (It)), Requiem pour un poisson (Ed. Liana Levi, Folio policier, De Geus (NL), Effemme (It), Alpha books (China))